Moby Dick was fantastic. I can't express anything more than that right now. But it was amazing. I'm glad this week is over though; working five days in a week on top of a full-time school schedule is too much. I'll have to make sure I take care of myself during FENAM. I like my job though; it's way more fun and way more accommodating than a retail or fast food job, and pays a little better than say, a church choir job. I feel like it may get ibto the way of other auditions and such at times, but that's on a case-by-case basis. I feel lik I've met more of the rest of the music department in the last week of working than I have in the last year.


I don't have timed for analysis...

But I had two rather disturbing dreams from last night and the night before. The first was that Liz Bishop was trying to help cover up something her mother had done, although she wasn't aware that the something she was covering up was the murder of her father. And her mother ws trying to kill me. The next night was about running from cannibals who wanted to eat mealive because I was wounded. Kind of like Walking Dead, but instead of zombies there were just very few people around, many of the survivors being fuckin' crazy.