Well, I don't have to worry about Sacramento anymore, I got accepted. <3 Now I just have to worry about getting the money to go to school down there. :P

On a side note, I had a dream last night about catching birds. They were extremely colorful and exotic looking , and would flap up for a few moments, then stop and drift back down, and repeat this over and over again until they would eventually reach the ceiling in my house. They seemed very content, and I enjoyed repeatedly catching them and letting them go again. Then I saw a tiny grey one, the size of a finch, and it was so precious and adorable that I wanted to catch it. I got distracted by a cat outside the window, but I let it in and it didn't disturb the birds, so I continued my pursuit. The little bird was moving similarly to the other birds, so I caught it pretty quickly, and when I opened my hands to let it go, it sat in my hands instead. I think it has something to do with how free I feel in relationships. The grey one probably symbolizes my most important one currently between Sam and I.


I'm a tooth-pick holder!!

That's what she said. :P So the every day post promise I gave has already been cut down, obviously. I thought about posting a very long-winded rant about the biggest fucking idiot I've ever met the other day, but after giving this long-winded rant in person about six times to different people, my brain decided it was tired of hearing about it. Maybe I'll post it some other day, you know, during one of those "I feel like laughing in retrospect to something completely ridiculous and worthless" kind of days. So, during a finals day. :P Or maybe midterms.

Also, I'm trying to find a job. And on this subject, I'm pretty sure every employer in Redding just met with each other and has come to the conclusion that I am not hirable. "For God's sake, she's 21 and has never been employed?" "I bet she's mentally retarded." "Wow, she's never available." "Well, it says on the application that she's in her fourth year of community college." "Well that means she's a loser, and probably has no ambition." "I'll bet it means she's leaving soon, and we don't want to put in time to hire someone else in six months." "She probably wants to be able to transfer, too." "Yeah, right!!"

They're all in cahoots, I know it. >.>



I think I've decided it's a good idea to try to post every day. Or at least every day I have something interesting to say. Which is not today, but it is good practice for me, I don't write much to myself anymore. Eh, talk to ya later. :P