Fun & Games

Despite the fact that this is where I usually dump my doubts and negative reflections, I do find time to talk about more frivolous things. A while ago I played an XBox arcade game called Limbo, and it was short, but enjoyable at the cost of minor frustrations. I also came across a trailer for a PC game from Steam called Dear Esther. It appealed to me in the sense that it didn't play like a typical "game", and acted more as a simulation of the senses. Anyway, I've been on the lookout for more games that appeal to me. I seem to enjoy games with a puzzle element and high artistic value, but still allow me to spend as much time as I need. I'm developing better skills and reflexes for combat games as well, but they aren't as high on my list. Fantasy themes are a plus, but I like more bizarre modes of play as well. I've listed a few games that have piqued my interests below, though not all of them are for PC. A couple of nights ago I had a dream that I was playing a video game that incorporated claymation, and I got really excited and hoped it would happen someday. When I saw the trailer for The Dream Machine, I forgot that I had seen the trailer for it only about a month or two previously. But yes, it's a game that was created via claymation. I might actually buy that one before I buy Dear Esther.

I'm not giving up on console games, but my PC gaming experience still feels limited, and I'm not enjoying Zork as much as I want to. :/ Besides, if I ever find myself without a console, I'd be more likely to buy another laptop before I would buy a gaming console. I want to see what is offered as entertainment, because I know there are other games besides Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo. :P Though looking at how quickly the list is building, I can suddenly see how one can spend hundreds on video games. And most of these are only about 10 bucks a piece. Maybe I'll settle for three or so.

Myst (any of them)
The Witness
Dear Esther
The Dream Machine(!!)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (part of me says I should play a Silent Hill game before attempting any other survival horror)
Braid (though it seems a little complicated for me to master)
The Path
The Binding of Isaac(just looks like fun)



It stinks to absolutely love education and the pursuit of knowledge, but to honestly hate school. It's something I've had trouble admitting to myself. I wasn't necessarily worried about finishing the bachelors program, but I was definitely worried that my guile would not be enough to surpass the amount of work I might have to do in a masters program. And thats just the thing, I have no idea what to expect from that level. After speaking to a couple of people who have been through the ringer already, Im a little relieved that the focus does turn more to seminar discussions and independent study, and less to busy work. I really need to able to thrive here at a higher level of responsibility first. I'm improving my habits bit by bit, but I still seem to lack consistency.