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Despite the fact that this is where I usually dump my doubts and negative reflections, I do find time to talk about more frivolous things. A while ago I played an XBox arcade game called Limbo, and it was short, but enjoyable at the cost of minor frustrations. I also came across a trailer for a PC game from Steam called Dear Esther. It appealed to me in the sense that it didn't play like a typical "game", and acted more as a simulation of the senses. Anyway, I've been on the lookout for more games that appeal to me. I seem to enjoy games with a puzzle element and high artistic value, but still allow me to spend as much time as I need. I'm developing better skills and reflexes for combat games as well, but they aren't as high on my list. Fantasy themes are a plus, but I like more bizarre modes of play as well. I've listed a few games that have piqued my interests below, though not all of them are for PC. A couple of nights ago I had a dream that I was playing a video game that incorporated claymation, and I got really excited and hoped it would happen someday. When I saw the trailer for The Dream Machine, I forgot that I had seen the trailer for it only about a month or two previously. But yes, it's a game that was created via claymation. I might actually buy that one before I buy Dear Esther.

I'm not giving up on console games, but my PC gaming experience still feels limited, and I'm not enjoying Zork as much as I want to. :/ Besides, if I ever find myself without a console, I'd be more likely to buy another laptop before I would buy a gaming console. I want to see what is offered as entertainment, because I know there are other games besides Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo. :P Though looking at how quickly the list is building, I can suddenly see how one can spend hundreds on video games. And most of these are only about 10 bucks a piece. Maybe I'll settle for three or so.

Myst (any of them)
The Witness
Dear Esther
The Dream Machine(!!)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (part of me says I should play a Silent Hill game before attempting any other survival horror)
Braid (though it seems a little complicated for me to master)
The Path
The Binding of Isaac(just looks like fun)

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