Kink in the Hose :P

I realized the other day, somewhat sadly, that I don't do anythig kinky anymore. I haven't  tried. But over the past year, I've been finding myself wanting it again, more and more. Why haven't I tried anything? I absolutely trust Sam. I know he likes pleasing me. But last time I remember bringing it up at all, he didn't seem terribly comfortable with it. I think we even talked about cost of "supplies" being an issue. I could try talking to him about it again though, it's been a long time already since it wass brought up. I'm just a bit afraid of him thinking I'm totally weird, or being admonished. For a while I thought it was just the sort of thing older people did to try and spice up a marriage, or to plunge into the depths of after becoming utterly desensitized. I made a few advances into that world a few years ago, but with much trepidation, and I was still trying to get over issues of sexual self-shame. But now, lately whenever I've thought about it, it's so thrilling, titillating and tantalizing. I feel like sometimes I'm only enjoying sex about half as much as I could be. In fact, things like bondage and discipline, submission, domination, and other fetishes are far more normal than I had previously thought. It's time to be less shameful, and more creative. If there comes a point where I really want something and he doesn't, then there are things I can do for myself. But it's definitely more fun with a prtner. <3 p="p">

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