It seems like all of my schoolwork got rather difficult rather quickly. I think I've just been lacking focus. I'm glad Sam helped me snap out of my facebook funk. This damn tablet has been devouring my eyeballs as of late. I'm not sure how it started, but next I knew I was just leaving it open 24/7 to chat and repeatedly check on the same old shit. Every other minute. I'm going on a cleanse. Yeah, it's nice to keep in touch, but I have no business spending more time on there than with anyone in my real life. I feel shame for ever letting it get that far.

On a side note, I'm finding a love for folk music. I found an old book my Grammy gave me of folk songs around the world. Some of them are obviously arranged a little differently than I'm used to hearing, but it's fun to see which ones I do or do not already know, and their origins and complete lyrics(both in English and their native language/dialect).


How I wish

I want for you to surprise me, hold my wrists and shove me against a surface as to expel my breath and make it impossible to use my weight to propel myself away from you. I need you to bind me, make me still, hold my throat under my chin in one of your hands. I want that one delicious moment, for you show me just how much you want me. Touch me lightly,   flog me, anything to make me beg for mercy, for release.