Knowing I

We may lay claim
to another's aim
But how could we?
Knowing I
of only land and sky
can only comprehend what I've seen.
We can guess, I guess,
and understand, digest,
but I'll not waste time
on another's schemes.
Of space,
Knowing I
am but a trace
in the universe.
Yet human race
has never stopped,
their progress and mirth.
Knowing I
could send any theme
through writing,
have found not
of which I've been scribing.


my babies

I miss my kitties, and I really hope they are okay. I only gave them food for the first few days, and I can't remember if I ever put away that chocolate or not. I feel miserable right now. I can't wait to go home.


Hogmanay! <-- I like this word

Let's see what I can come up with...

Precious diamond sun,
distant and coldest,
looking for moonbright,
to give calm and solace.
Hoping again for rapture in gold,
rejoice yet anew in sylvan light.
Keep we now the bright around us,
searching now for warmest and safest,
Doing as ancestors had won before,
Live or live not in densest forest.


Busy, busy

I've been very preoccupied with studying the last few weeks, along with trying to budget out how broke I'm going to be for the next month or so. In the meantime though, I've put up a fabulous little tree for Yule, with PURPLE lights, red ornaments, and silver icicles. Gawgeus. :P I sort of wish it was real, but at the same time I'm glad I don't have to worry about it shedding or dying while we're away.

I've been getting kind of pissy lately. It's not towards anyone in particular, I'll just get into bad moody-moods that leave me generally annoyed by everything. I'm nowhere close to my period, and it doesn't feel emotional enough to be PMS anyway(what rare cases I've experienced). Maybe it's just the finals sinking in. I do know I get really anxious when I know I need to do something, because if I don't do it right then, I fear I'll forget to do it later. It's because I'm bad at planning, I think. I'm starting to use more little things to help my organizational skills, but really, I still get scared.

I hope I get a chance to get to the coast this winter; that would be fabulous.


You Two Are My Eagles in Drag

That was a pretty fantastic movie.

Today: Crepe with bananas and Nutella, turkey and wild rice soup, french fries, and a few orange cream sticks.
That's it so far.

Yeah, I slacked again, but I am working on crap for finals(or at least trying to look like I am). I've been filling out Christmas cards for family and teachers, and a few friends. I also got a new Android tablet(I can't remember what they're called) by chance, had three choir concerts in one weekend, and I am trying to find all ten or more of the concert programs I've attended over the course of the semester for a giant packet that I have to turn in soon. I'll be making piroshki tonight for tomorrow's Russian class to imbibe, as well as practicing piano, voice, and Russian. Oops, I also really need to wash towels if I hope to have a shower tomorrow. I'll also be enduring lots of chaos for a friend's wedding this weekend; we're helping her out of kindness, but it seems to be a lot more trouble than originally anticipated. That's not necessarily her fault, but I wish one of the people we are supposed to be transporting would have told me of their plans sooner. What can you do? I'm also singing for her wedding(a last minute call of desperation), but I'm absolutely okay with that. Even if I'm not getting paid, it could still provide future employment prospects if I do well.



Ack!! I caught myself slacking on this again! I will break myself and make sure that I do at least one thing habitually. And I mean the blog posts, not just the part where I write down my dietary embarrassments. :P

Today: Regular coffee, almond croissant, an Indian dish with curried peas, cheese, and rice, a samosa, some salad with balsamic vinaigrette(spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, avocado, cranberries, olives, and walnuts), more coffee, and I may have some cashew crackers with strawberry cream cheese. :3 I've been a good girl today.

Things I didn't do today: my homework, go to World Music, get my boots fixed, get my hair trimmed, get birthday cards for my stepdad and littlest brother.

Things I did do today: Register for classes, and in the process clear up a glaring clerical order that would have kept me from being able to get into the classes I needed, took in a resume and got an interview at a sandwich shop, took in recycle and am never collecting it again because it wasn't worth the $18 to store a thousand cans in my apartment for several months, did mediocre on my Russian vocab test, and paid rent(almost late).

I'm really, really happy because I found a cheap used copy of both Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 in pristine condition, and I'm watching it with the same excitement I did as a kid. :D I bought myself another couple of little gifts; A Portrait of Dorian Grey and Lolita. I started on Lolita first, and it is proving to be quite intense.

I found out I won't be able to continue with Russian next semester due to large schedule conflicts, which is a shame, but I may try to finish it later if I get the chance. For now though, I'll be beginning French, which I am okay with, considering I never finished studying it from junior high.

That's all for now; I've been considering making some bread with the unbleached flour I got. I just haven't decided whether it's going to be banana or pumpkin...or perhaps both, in time. Whichever I choose, I'll make it with molasses in place of sugar, it's a little kinder on the belly. Also, despite my depression over Russian class, I'm going to try out a recipe for piroshki for the class. Man, that sounds good. :P