Busy, busy

I've been very preoccupied with studying the last few weeks, along with trying to budget out how broke I'm going to be for the next month or so. In the meantime though, I've put up a fabulous little tree for Yule, with PURPLE lights, red ornaments, and silver icicles. Gawgeus. :P I sort of wish it was real, but at the same time I'm glad I don't have to worry about it shedding or dying while we're away.

I've been getting kind of pissy lately. It's not towards anyone in particular, I'll just get into bad moody-moods that leave me generally annoyed by everything. I'm nowhere close to my period, and it doesn't feel emotional enough to be PMS anyway(what rare cases I've experienced). Maybe it's just the finals sinking in. I do know I get really anxious when I know I need to do something, because if I don't do it right then, I fear I'll forget to do it later. It's because I'm bad at planning, I think. I'm starting to use more little things to help my organizational skills, but really, I still get scared.

I hope I get a chance to get to the coast this winter; that would be fabulous.

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