You Two Are My Eagles in Drag

That was a pretty fantastic movie.

Today: Crepe with bananas and Nutella, turkey and wild rice soup, french fries, and a few orange cream sticks.
That's it so far.

Yeah, I slacked again, but I am working on crap for finals(or at least trying to look like I am). I've been filling out Christmas cards for family and teachers, and a few friends. I also got a new Android tablet(I can't remember what they're called) by chance, had three choir concerts in one weekend, and I am trying to find all ten or more of the concert programs I've attended over the course of the semester for a giant packet that I have to turn in soon. I'll be making piroshki tonight for tomorrow's Russian class to imbibe, as well as practicing piano, voice, and Russian. Oops, I also really need to wash towels if I hope to have a shower tomorrow. I'll also be enduring lots of chaos for a friend's wedding this weekend; we're helping her out of kindness, but it seems to be a lot more trouble than originally anticipated. That's not necessarily her fault, but I wish one of the people we are supposed to be transporting would have told me of their plans sooner. What can you do? I'm also singing for her wedding(a last minute call of desperation), but I'm absolutely okay with that. Even if I'm not getting paid, it could still provide future employment prospects if I do well.

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