Well, I don't have to worry about Sacramento anymore, I got accepted. <3 Now I just have to worry about getting the money to go to school down there. :P

On a side note, I had a dream last night about catching birds. They were extremely colorful and exotic looking , and would flap up for a few moments, then stop and drift back down, and repeat this over and over again until they would eventually reach the ceiling in my house. They seemed very content, and I enjoyed repeatedly catching them and letting them go again. Then I saw a tiny grey one, the size of a finch, and it was so precious and adorable that I wanted to catch it. I got distracted by a cat outside the window, but I let it in and it didn't disturb the birds, so I continued my pursuit. The little bird was moving similarly to the other birds, so I caught it pretty quickly, and when I opened my hands to let it go, it sat in my hands instead. I think it has something to do with how free I feel in relationships. The grey one probably symbolizes my most important one currently between Sam and I.

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