It's been so goddamned long since I've posted anything on here. Though truthfully, I kind of wanted to forget it existed. To no avail. There is just too much good poetry and goodies from my tormented period to delete it. ;P I feel like anything I write, even utter bullshit, deserves a place of permanence in reality somewhere. Because they are my honest thoughts, no matter what. No one even has to see them, they just need to exist. :3


  1. I totally agree. I've kept poetry journals since I was fifteen. I still think some of the entries are weak bullshit, but I keep them because they shine a light on what my heart was really feeling in that time period, lest I try to convince myself otherwise.

  2. Yeah, I read some of the old stuff on here...I was fucking insane over that guy for a while. No thank you, done with that. :P