Relief(Sort of)

Well, some (sort of) good news...my uncle has no tumor. Instead, he had a stroke. Or I should say, one small stroke, and one major stroke. The good part is that he is stable, and will be able to recover at least some movement in his right side. But we won't know how much exactly for a while until he's gotten through enough physical therapy. Although, Isaac's music seems to be reflecting my mood about this whole thing, incidentally. I'm listening to his composition recital from home. In other news, I did horribly on my test in piano today, which I sort of knew was going to happen(even though I practiced much more on that piece than I normally would), and I just had a dream this afternoon that a juvenile delinquent was murdering my entire family. Not fun. I'm either under some sort of weird high level of stress, or I should stop taking naps after big meals. 

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