Do you really have nothing?

Except the blue sky, of course.
and the stars and moon that emerge for you.
and the hearts that want to keep you warm;
you still have a few.

What do you have?
besides a shell for a memory,
an earring as keepsake,
and a little bit of cash?

What do you have?
Only memories of a woman who wanted
to love you,
but didn't quite know how yet.

What do you have?
besides a guitar the same color
as the sea you sorely miss,
a head full of music,
and a soul that's still vibrant,
despite the circumstances.

What do you have?
Besides the hopes of loved ones
warming your back,
trying to keep you going
for your own sake.

What do you have?
Besides a beating heart,
a body that hasn't given out yet,
a tremendous soul,
a wish for success,
and someone who wants you
to be free.

What have you?

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