Force of Nature

Today I watched the sky in longing. Either the clouds are coming closer with each passing day, or I just want to be closer to them. It stormed off and on again today, providing several moments where the clouds would separate by the force of the wind, revealing patches of dark blue sky. I thought at first I was looking into cosmos, even though it was early afternoon. I forget sometimes how vivid and surreal this place can be. Perhaps I was just sidetracked for a while. But the scenery today made me wish with my spiritual being that I could fly. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants it. The trees sang to me as well, something I've only heard recently. Call me what you will, whichever nonperson that reads this. I could be insane, or perhaps disconnecting from reality. Maybe I just have a heightened sense of respect for nature. Whatever. I've learned that I don't have to let anything affect me if I don't want it too.

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