Spring Frolic :D

Today I sat in my spare time next to a pretty little pond and brook at the college. I was admiring the little pieces of fluff that floated dreamily from cattails in the pond. Upon further inspection of the pond, I found that there were actually several young koi fish in it. A friend was kind enough to get me one of the cattails from the pond, and I found that upon pinching off a small amount of a cattail and releasing it, I instantly felt a warm sensation on my hand as the pinch separated into thousands of fluffy seeds. I watched as they spread out exactly like the thousand-petaled lotus. I also kept believing I was viewing rainbows in the sky where there was nothing at all, which is just odd. I'm not high, I swear. Today was an interesting day.
Though, it's a little easier to enjoy nature since my rose-tinted glasses have cracked. I understand now that my opinion does not have to fall in line with anyone else's, and that if I'm unsure about something, I do not have to take a position. Nor do I have to display an opinion at all. I will be frank. I don't care about politics. I don't care about the earth's problems. It sounds callous, but people of the earth will always create and solve their own problems. I only care about what affects me, and even then I may not deem it important to myself. Why should I bother with something that is none of my business? I don't like to be responsible in government, even if it just means performing civil duties. I don't like government, but unfortunately its the only way most people can get along. I'm finding more and more that I'm not fond of people. Period. Save the few who can understand what I feel. But I think I'm going to have to spend more time around people, so I'll keep going. I'll always keep going, but I'll never forget him.

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