New dream, because that's the first purpose of this thing anyways. I'm having headaches almost daily again, and not always from my jaw. Had an interesting dream that me and a couple of friends were visiting San Francisco(makes sense, I was there last Friday). Well, anyways, by the end of the day my equivalent of a step-brother was going to try committing suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. We were told to stay away from the situation, which they got under control. I then found myself in a hotel room after a time, when I got a call, which I didn't answer right away but let the machine get because there was no caller ID. When the machine started recording, I heard a voice I recognized but couldn't place who it was. I remember he was a little taunting and mocking, so I answered, a bit irritated at his words(that I can't remember). He continued to talk to me, obviously knowing I would pick up the phone. It was as if he was trying to warn me of something, or strike a deal with me, and I tried to deny him, but I was still intrigued.

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