The Poem

Don't stop to listen
just keep walking by
photographs and memories
keep the dead nearby

Like telemarketers and bills
she just can't leave him alone
she thinks of life beyond those hills,
beyond those hills, far from her home.

Somewhere east he seeks a new life,
Somehow wading west,
she knows it isn't for her sake,
but knows it's for the best.

His body pounds through the ether,
she knows he's still trying,
she can't help, but holds a silent vigil
sitting, but not prying.

How long can this happen,
this tenuous spiritual pressure she feels?
Sporadic and dangerous still is the love,
afraid of the damage she can deal.

Stay near, my heart, I cannot hold thee now. It is only for another I can live, I vow.
How can she repair it?
How can she repair it?

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