I have a feeling that I've been battling a little bout of depression lately. I have before, but I've never been terribly busy and around another person 24/7 while one came about before, and I've found out in came out in different ways this time. I almost didn't realize that I had been until I started coming out of it. I had gotten new reprtoire from my teacher to learn over the break, not only to get ahead for next semester, but also to judge how self-motivated I coukd be. Didn't work very well, I have one piece half-learned, and that has less to do with my practiced skills and more with my tonal memory. :/
Now though, I've noticed I suddenly want to take dogs on walks, am planning things fiscally for next semester, and am attempting to pull myself back towards the piano. I'm also trying to see if corrective dentistry can be afforded this semester. With having 22 units this semester, it probably isn't wise to attempt having a job, but I may try anyway. I have no money otherwise.

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