A Valenti-No, an "I Love You" Poem. Screw Valentine's.

This is a first attempt at writing some truthful poetry to my love, which while not being mushy, will still somehow make a pillow out of his heart. :P This may or may not change between this page and the final draft, but you may not see the final draft anyway.

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I had always dreamed of someone like you in my world
yet never had I thought you would wake up in it
nor I next to you, immersed in yours.

We humans tend to
cannibalize sensation,
my hands to feel as yours,
to live vicariously through vibrations,
or pulsations,
or whichever manner through which we connect
with our star-stuff.

Extractions of extractions,
cosmos, gaia, anthropos, anima, eros?
The extent, the order,
of which I may never know.

Yet, anxious I am not.

For what the universe
knows to be uncertain,
This one knows
she holds an interesting person.

I'll save this for now.

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