Serenity. I wish I had some. :/

My period has been really rough on me this time around. After my little hormone reset a few months ago, I'm starting to see changes that I didn't want to accept at first. Like the fact that now, I actually go through some intense emotional mini-episodes the day or two before my period starts. I used to just feel kind of drained/crappy before. Happy day though, my period seems to have shortened itself by about two days. Hooray!! But that also means the flow is overall more intense. :/
Yes, I did happen to write the last post while I was in the apex of one of those mini-sodes. You can tell by the unnecessary tone of panic and self-deprecation found throughout the text. I can't say I don't still feel that way, but I think I can state it with less hysteria now. It is sort of funny to read though, if it weren't so pathetic sounding.

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