Awkward Moments

So the trip to the Redwoods/Fortuna/Humboldt County went pretty well. I'm kind of glad that's the last time I go to a family reunion, at least for a long while. It was actually quite cold this time, usually it's very warm at the Women's Federation Grove, which is where it's always held. It was fun to get out, as usual, but there were key people missing, aka Grandma Kalford who passed away last year. I always found her easy to talk to, and she was very good at introducing me to people I didn't know. But I saw some people I didn't know, along with some I didn't really remember, and I spent a lot of time feeling very awkward and walking down to the river to pass the time. At least I got a little exercise that way, I went up and down that trail and trudging along the beach about four times.

 My family managed to stay away from fast food completely this time, which was a pretty impressive feat considering how much it costs each time a group of five wants to eat at a restaurant. I forgot how much unhealthy other crap my family eats though. While we were driving there(we took 36 by the way, which was gorgeous but a little scary) Mike pulled out doughnut holes that were to serve as breakfast. I brought my own stuff, but it was buried in the trunk in an area where we could not pull over and I was hungry NOW. So I broke down and ate three to keep me from totally starving, while still falling short of a serving. Luckily there were a lot of salads at the reunion too, and at least thirty people, so I didn't feel bad about picking only the things I really wanted. And quinoa!! Damn that was good!

Going to the beach actually didn't do much to help my depression. If anything, it enhanced my feeling of wistfulness. For what? I actually don't know. It must just be an ocean thing. :/ But I still enjoyed the weather(more than everyone else, actually), and I've determined that if  I need an escape city, Arcata will do just fine. It's so cute and small-ish, and so friendly, but it still caters to my whims and makes me feel enriched. Plus it's rather close to nature type things. :P

I'm not sure what I should think about my relationship right now. One moment I think something could be wrong, that either it's all his fault or it's all my fault and the next I'm second-guessing everything I just said. I think I just need to settle down and not take everything so seriously. The more intense I become, the easier I break. And the more I'm likely to do something stupid. I think I'm going to not care what the future holds in store for Sam and I. I'm going to see him tomorrow, say 'I love you', and enjoy the moments we do get to spend with each other. I think I may just be having troubles with how casual we've gotten with each other, but maybe I just need to learn to live with it.

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