That last letter sucked. No matter what I write though, it feels imperative that I do it tonight. I need to be strong, and vigilant in my convictions. He's still a dear friend, no matter what, but I can't let him be the ruler of my life. I've outgrown him. I have more pressing matters, and can't allow him to be my attention whore. He doesn't even believe I'm capable of making a good deision. About anything. It's like he's always saying, "How cute, she's trying to be independent."
NO. I'm smarter than I might look, and there's lot I've changed about myself recently. But of course he'll think I'm "still the same girly-girl". I can't say my personality has really changed, but the way I handle things certainly has. This is, I will admit, the first time I've ever been pissed at a boyfriend. Soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. Wish me luck.

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