Holee SHEEEEEEIIIIT. Note to self: when having to take an emergency contraceptive, expect a much, MUCH more painful period that usual. And I'm out of acetaminophen  and sodium naproxen, so all I have is shitty ibuprofen which hasn't worked on me in eight years. I did chug some stinging nettle dilution, so hopefully that helps a little. But most of my pain mitigation routine has had little effect. The pain is almost unmanageable like it was back in high school, though I haven't felt like crying yet at least. You do start to feel ridiculous after a while, because you're suffering the same as someone with a fatal stab wound or something and you realize you shouldn't be such a baby, its just your period, and then you find out that some women actually have to go to the ER for serious pain med injections, and you wonder why the hell you never went in to get one, especially that one time when you were fourteen and you were screaming and crying for six hours and in so much pain that you nearly blacked out.

I'm partly writing to distract myself as much as venting my frustration. I feel like I can't even get up. I do need to eat something soon or I'll start to feel really anemic, and then I really won't be able to.

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