I was just sniffing his pillow. Wow, I think I've gained my creep points for today. Restless energy is bad for me. How did I become more stressed after my recital? Is it the money thing? That is a major concern. All I can say is that I hope I win the Dinsmore competition. I don't relish asking my family for money. I'll probably quit my job if I find something better as soon as opera is over. I did talk to a girl who works at a dessert counter connected to a Greek restaurant. She said they're always accepting applications, and they are already tiring of the high school girls that often work there. It seems like a nice place. I've also seen liquor store hiring signs, as well as a couple of bussing/dishwashing "for hire" signs in local restaurants. I haven't even been looking, but now that I'm noticing signs the little lights go off in my head that I should be pursuing some other work. If I begin applications and resumes now I may have offers/interviews by the time I have more of my schedule free.

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