I wish I could be nearly as eloquent and organized in my speech as I can be in writing. I feel constantly inadequate in conversation. Whatever little neurological stutter that causes me to use words that, while being similar in meaning, are obviously incorrect and I really meant the other one, is very frustrating. Not to mention whenever I can't decide how to end a sentence, or I don't actually have anything else to say but my voice keeps going as if I did and that if I just keep talking I'll find whatever other thing I might have been trying to remember to say but then I don't so I just kind of trail off instead....

There are other obvious problems. I almost laughed at myself when I tried to reply during that  Philosophy Club talk, and all I was really trying to do was to say was "it's vague" but I felt the need to clarify by over-explaining in an atmosphere that requires succinct, precise language. The next time I go, perhaps I just should not speak unless asked to do so. :x 

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