Old Shit

Just trying to get all my typed poetry in one place. I remember a collection I made some time ago. I lost it back when my old laptop went down. I figured I should transmit all my remaining stuff to one place that isn't facebook, for various reasons. I know they're all old and the imperfect work of a naive college student, but I love them anyway.

Hello World,
You look nice today,
But you could look better.
I'm sure you want to clean up,
Get rid of all those nuclear zits
And grease stains.
You've also put on some weight,
On your shoulders, chest, and heart.
We need an epidemic makeover.
But don't worry,
I'll probably live to see you again.
I'm sure you'll look much better.

Word Up





  The Spirit

Is past, is transparent
As reality
Is Passing the wonder to your
Is wandering from
Wander to Wonder,
To wording, to phrase,
Cannot be Phrased,
Cannot be phased,
cannot be treated,
Nor heated,
or Beaten.
Unsweetened, and
Freed from restraint!
From Thing,
And Person,
and Place.
Spirit is none to be,
except to be.


Much abated,
Chaos that has

Merrily we roll along,
Stabbing songs,
Meshing throngs,
Stabbing throngs,
Meshing songs,
and puppies.


Hairy Harry harried Hairy Henry.
Hairy Henry hurried when harried.
Hairy Harry could not tarry,
But Hairy Henry hated being harried.
Hairy Harry hurried,
While Hairy Henry tarried,
and stabbed Hairy Harry in the back of the head.

Nervous Murphy

Nervous Murphy stands before the stairs,
Attracting attention in his underwear,
The people in the hotel lobby below can only stare,
As he liberates himself by whipping it out right there.

Hammers in Spring

Jewels germinate in geriatric fashion,
carrots cannot contemplate fate.
Pliers pull on prairie faeries,
Bunnies barrel into batches of mates.

Yellow yarrow yells to friends,
Sensual serpents spit instead,
Every errand is earned in earnest,
when wrens wreck where wrens would win.

Late larks lapping the lake,
Gnats nap near the night,
Everyone settles for the time,
and come tomorrow we'll try again.

 Warm is the night and faster the beat,
Of air all around and of grass-stained feet,
An energy pulses in all of their hearts,
To celebrate life and the ice's depart.

The willows and reeds all rise from the thunder,
Encouraged to waken and sway to and fro,
The creatures of young all grow to the rhythms,
From every hare to the guppies below.

A whirlwind of color settles in view,
The dancers are somber now in review.
"We take in the energy given to us,
Inanna's again of more than just dust."

The stamping rhythm again echoes cross the lands,
but no more are they dancing,
The warm stench of wet earth they hold in their hands,
For now it's rain's turn to be stamping.

 All of them love,
And all of them
But Fairy Foibles
Will catch their eye.

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