Another day, another diet...

So...my list for yesterday. It started out great. Then I got really hungry after rehearsal. Like, RAVENOUS. So I made a reeeeally bad food choice, but I don't feel as bad because I only ate about half of it.

Yesterday: Garlic Triscuits with vegetable cream cheese(10), macchiato a la Chocolate Fish, two double decker tacos, IHOP's Country Fried Steak (includes said steak with country gravy, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and 2 pancakes),  Sonic Neuro.

Yeah, that could have gone a little better.

Today(so far): chocolate oat breakfast bar, banana, chicken noodle soup from Saigon Bay(it's much healthier than I thought), Eye opener from Java City. Half & half strikes once again, but at the same time, I can 't take how watery nonfat milk is and that's the only other option. :P

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