Poo. :(

So, I weighed myself the other day, confident that suppressing my urge to compulsively check my weight every day had paid off in a small weight loss. Not so. :( I had been concerned beforehand, knowing that I had been feeling a little tubby as of late, but I chalked it up more to the feelings of indulgence from eating fast food in the last few days of being in a rush, and assured myself that I had maybe gained two pounds. However, I wasn't expecting to step on the scale and see my weight jump from 145 to 158. I was stunned; it had been less than two weeks since I had weighed myself last. Now, I live neither a completely sedentary life, nor an adequately active one, but I thought that at least having to walk across campus constantly and going up and down several flights of stairs would burn at least a few calories. Too few, I guess. It doesn't help that I have access to an amazing and free gym on campus that is open until midnight on most days, yet  it is far enough out of the way as a walk that if I feel even remotely tired I won't walk over there. Of course, I forget to pack workout clothes most of the time, and there is a dress code. I think what will help is if I force myself to post everything I eat in a day on here. Even the vestigial threat of publicly releasing my daily nutritional intake will force me to make better decisions. What happened to my favorite snack being bell peppers? I'm not exactly wealthy, but if I spent less money on food at school and actually made lunches as per my original plan, I think I could have saved a lot of money this semester. It doesn't help that there are so many coffee places on campus.

Here goes, first day, so far: Mint tea, chocolate croissant, minestrone soup, iced caramel macchiato, baked lays.

I guess I'll decide to underline things that are clearly unhealthy, and italicize things that could be substituted, but aren't terrible in and of themselves.

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