I'd call it Thanksgiving, but I think I'll be receiving a lot more food than I'll be giving this year. I'm reeeeally curious as to how I'm going to nutritionally balance having Thanksgiving meals from two families in the same day. I just hope I can avoid the sort of stomach torture I went through last year. :P

Yesterday:finished off with 5 jalapeno poppers with ranch, bbq pulled pork sandwich rom Chilis, coffee, a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and a Monster Rehab Rojo(they just came out, and rojo is just as delicious as the regular Rehab).

I always find ways to justify my bad food decisions, and although I can't justify all of it, I knew I was going to need the energy last night while we traveled about 250 miles, during the time which I normally sleep.

Today so far: Coffee(with good reason).

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