Passing time...

Just trying to find a way to pass the time. Who knew I'd ever need to do that? I think it's because a good portion of my "homework" time is dedicated to practice, and since I can't sing still, there seems to be no point in staring at my music and reviewing a thousand times the different nuances and technical corrections I've noted for each phrase when I can't put it into practice. I'm not really supposed to talk either(bears down on the vocal cords more than singing), so socializing would be a bit awkward. Not that there's really anyone I want to talk to right now.  And in lieu of not practicing, I've spent an egregious amount of time playing Oblivion and trying to figure out what color I am painting my nails for my opera scenes performance. Wo is really going to see my nails besides the first three rows? But, those are the sorts of subjects that run through my head while I am bored. :P  I'm supposed to go to my Music advising soon, and I'm disappointed because I found out I will have to put off either Music History until next year, or put off finishing Russian until next year since they happen at the same time. Oy, how do I find myself in these messes? :/

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